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Issue Theme: Body
Deadline: July 31, 2024

The theme for Issue 8 is “Body.” As readers and writers, we often focus on the mind, our thoughts, and the emotional and intellectual experiences of being. But how often have I had to rearrange the couch pillows just right to fully immerse myself in a book? Our bodies grow, move, touch, feel, yearn, and age. They can surprise us by surpassing limits or fail us just as easily. For Issue 8, we want to read words that intertwine with limbs and torsos. Send us literature that pulls us out of the mind and into the physicality of our bodies. In other words, we’re looking for work that truly embodies “body.”

Remember that at 3cents Magazine we are looking for works that can enter into a conversation with two other pieces--works that have something to say

We will publish a minimum of one "mini collection" of three pieces from different writers (one poetry, one fiction, and one nonfiction) but are open to several, depending on the quality and quantity of submissions. We encourage you to submit work that pushes the boundaries of this issue's theme. 

Take a look at our previous issues to better understand how and what we publish. Thank you for your interest. 3cents Magazine's Submittable subscription is sponsored by True.

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