The Proximity editorial team has decided to launch a new editorial fellowship program for readers, writers, and students seeking editorial experience with a literary magazine. Preference will be given to graduate students in creative writing, journalism, and editing programs, though others are encouraged to apply. This is an open application call for a virtual position with no deadline, but rather a rolling application process. Moving forward, each issue's editor will peruse the vault of applicants and select one fellow for that issue. Each fellow will commit to working with an issue editor for a minimum of three months. Fellows will be acknowledged on our masthead as an Editorial Assistant for that issue and assist with a wide-ranging set of tasks (reading submissions, social media marketing, final copy edits, coordinating with contributors, etc. -- no coffee fetching or copy machines here!). Each editor-assistant-editor relationship will differ in time commitment and tasks.

Annually, each of our editors are responsible for one issue. Those pub dates, editors, and (min) assistant editor time commitments are as follows:

Stacy Muszyknski (Issue 13: November - January 2017)
Shasta Grant (Issue 14: February - April 2017)
Brad Modlin (Issue 15: May - July 2017)
Carrie Kilman (Issue 16: August - October 2017)
Erica Trabold (Issue 17: November - January 2018)

To apply, please submit your CV and cover letter. 
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